What affects YouTube promotion?


Promotion on the YouTube platform is a rather tricky algorithm that has its own laws and mechanisms. Many users want to know these mechanisms in order to use this knowledge and make their channels more popular. In today’s article, we’ll talk in more detail about what influences promotion on YouTube.

What affects YouTube promotion?

  1. Time to watch the video. The video viewing time reflects how long users of the site have been watching your videos. In a summary of YouTube Analytics, this indicator comes first. The site openly states that watch time is a key ranking factor. Previously, views were the most important metric for video marketing performance and channel success. Because of this, a lot of offers for their wrapping appeared on the market. In the Academy for Authors, it is written in black and white: “The rating of each video and channel on YouTube depends precisely on the time of viewing — the longer the users watch the video, the more often it appears in the search results and recommendations.” At the same time, YouTube channel owners can still see the relationship between the number of views and good ranking, which is absolutely normal: as a rule, views correlate with watch time.
  2. The interest of the audience. YouTube, like all other social networks, pays close attention to the involvement of the audience. A connection was found between the high position of the video and the number of reactions: likes, shares, comments and subscriptions. Here you can learn about how to get youtube likes.

Let us consider in more detail each social signal:

Likes show that users like the video: most likely, YouTube takes into account such reactions. However, thumbs up can influence the ranking indirectly: it’s possible that good views and watch time data are to blame.

A leading Google analyst denies the impact of social media reposts on search engine ranking, but video hosting can still take them into account. One way or another, if a person shares a video with friends, most likely he has watched it to the end — that is, everything is in order with audience retention.

Comments are a strong indicator of engagement. Here, without complicated research, everything is clear: the user was not too lazy to write, which means that the video hooked him.

The growth of subscriptions after watching the video is a sure sign of the quality of an individual video and content on the channel as a whole. Plus for the site is that this indicator is more difficult to wind. Tip: do not forget to urge you to subscribe to the channel at the end of the video, place a link with call-to-action in the tips and description.


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